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Hammering Home The Message

by | 20th, June 2006

IF Jade Goody were a tool, what tool would she be?

We could expand the question into the greater world of light entertainment, and perhaps make an animated series featuring our best-loved celebrities as tools.

That for later. For now, we hear car passenger Matt Clifford look across at Jade and tell the Sun, “She seems great fun, but is not the sharpest tool in the box.”

Matt was happy to see Jade driving her Porsche on a motorway slip road. To help him recall his brush with fame, Matt lifted his camera phone and duly snapped the Big Brother star. At which moment, Jade lifted her mobile phone and began text messaging.

This is not a clever thing to do. As the Sun puts it in a big print headline: “Texting at 50mph on motorway, NOT a Goody idea, Jade.”

Even a blunt tool like Jade can surely understand that message.

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