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Blotting Her Copy Book

by | 21st, June 2006

Lisa Huo! It’s a name you can really shout, like “Westward Huo!” or “Hi-Huo Silver!”.

But resist the urge to scream it. Fight the temptation to chant “Get Huo Out” or “Oh No Huo Must Go”. You are not in the playground now, picking on the least likeable, weakest child. You are not Grace. You are better than that. Hell, everyone is better than that.

Lisa is going to be barred from this week’s nominations. This is because Lisa has been discussing nominations with her housemates. This is against the rules.

Nikkkki is also barred. So is Lea. So is Glyn. And so too, of course, is Imogen, for whom this will be the third week without the right to vote. (With a mind that hers, let’s hope Imogen can get by on her looks.)

Which all means that only creepy Aisleyne, Snoozie, Pete, Mikey and Richard can vote. Which means that Lisa is very likely to be up for the chop.

And this is not her fault. You see, Lisa is a copycat. When Pete and his Tourette’s were new and exciting (before his twitches and swearing were edited out), Lisa seemed to develop his condition. Pete’s Tourette’s was her Tourette’s.

When Grace became a bitch, Lisa too began to bitch.

When everyone seemed to be copping off and coupling up, Lisa hounded Pete.

The only thing preventing Lisa getting her chest enlarged, and so being like Nikki, Aisleyne and Lea, is the fact that sterilising the surgical knives and forks would waste precious alcohol.

And so to our point: Lisa deliberately got herself barred from nominations. Contentious? Mais oui. Lisa just wants to be in. Being banned from nominations means Lisa has joined a group. Lisa is now united with four other housemates. She is in the gang. Lisa belongs.

Should she be voted out for just wanting to be like the others? We think not. We say keep her in the house and see how long before she starts behaving like Glyn.

Leave her in the house forever – and watch as she starts looking like the furniture and talking to the walls…

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