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Two Prezzas

by | 21st, June 2006

BEFORE John Prescott came to the fore, David King was just another burly man with a side parting.

Then Prescott arrived on our TV screens. Not only did the Deputy Prime Minister own a couple of Jaguars and a decent right jab but he could pull the birds.

King liked what he saw. He realised that if Prezza could be successful, then so could he. And looking just like Two Shags wouldn’t hurt.

The Mail places a shot of the original model standing with his secretary Tracey Temple next to another shot of King with a blonde of his own, the fragrant Anthea Major. The likeness is unnerving.

And while we read that King met Anthea through an online dating agency, our mind whirls. As the Mirror reports in “Con Prescott” that King told Anthea he was Prescott’s cousin, an untruth supported by his red Jaguar, we think on.

While reading that King spun the same story to Monica Walford, whom he also met on the dating agency, we wonder.

As Preston Crown Court hears how King wanted money to publish a book of poetry – ironically called The Revelation of St John The Divine – and that Monica gave him £9,000 and Anthea £1,500 to the project, we look again at the Mail’s pictures.

And we are struck by a thought. What if King is not King at all? What if King is John Prescott and Prescott is King?

If so, and if presiding Judge Stuart Baker is good to his word and sends the conman down, it could be Prescott who ends up in choky.

And how wrong would that be?

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