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Mother & Daughter

by | 22nd, June 2006

Lea and Aisleyne sat in the Diary Room. And one thought crossed our minds – are they related? Are they mother and daughter?

Theirs was undoubtedly the most revolting performance ever seen on the chair. Aisleyne, with her immobile face and Liberace-style teeth, was sat behind her onscreen ‘mum’.

Lea then began telling the world that she is a woman of few needs, and can get by on a mixture of “money, alcohol and ****”.

(Clue: the asterisks are not a substitute for the word “food”, neither are they in place of the words “baps”, “Botox”, "filler”, “glue”, “Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells” or “class”.)

And we urge the housemates – if they are tuning in to Anorak via Snoozie’s radar dish-styled appendages – to add lots of cleaning fluid and disinfectant to this week’s shopping list.

Indeed, get some petrol and burn the chair. It will be cheaper in the long run. But not as cheap as Aisleyne and Lea, obviously.

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