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by | 22nd, June 2006

NICOLE Kidman is so very much in love.

Not that dreamy schoolgirl love, where everything is tinged in soft pastels, bird song and lasts “4 Eva”.

No, Nicole’s love is of an altogether more pragmatic kind. As the Mail says, she has asked her soul mate, the singer Keith Urban, to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

For every year he and Nicole remain married, he will earn £350,000. The caveat is that should he use illegal drugs or alcohol “to excess” the deal will become null and void.

“Nicole did not want to force Keith to sign anything as she is convinced that they really will last but her advisers were quite strict on the issue,” says a source.

Sure. What can be more trusting that discussing your forthcoming marriage with a team of lawyers? Who needs bridal showers when you can invite the suits round for a night of contract writing on baby pink notepaper?

And to discuss that they means by “excessive” use to booze and drugs over cocktails of bile and human blood…

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