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Craig’s To Do List

by | 22nd, June 2006

“I’LL do rehab,” says the headline. And after doing drugs and prostitutes, allegedly, rehab will make a nice change for shamed Coronation Street actor Craig Charles.

As is the way with such stories of sleaze and extra-martial sex, with the story at its apogee the perpetrator is seen out and about with their spouse.

And so it is that Mirror readers see both Craig (smiling) and wife Jackie (not smiling) walking arm in arm. Both are wearing dark sunglasses.

Craig says he has been “devastated and humbled” by the Mirror’s “revelation” that he took 60 hits of crack cocaine on a four hour journey from London to Manchester.

And now the man known as Crackpipe Craig promises to get help. But it may be too late to save his carer.

As the Star delicately puts it, “Corrie crackhead Craig Charles” has been told by his Coronation Street co-stars that they will not work with him.

His “cocaine and porn-fuelled lifestyle” has upset them. “We don’t want to work with the bloke again – simple as that,” says one actor, billed as a “household favourite”. “Nobody cared for him much beforehand but this seals it.”

The paper says Craig is in hiding (see photos of him and his wife hiding in the Mirror).

But all may not be lost. A source close to Craig tells the Mirror that he “knows what he has to do to have a chance to being allowed to stay in the show.”

So Craig is looking to get medical help. He wants to “overcome his demons”. And we wish him well with it. If it worked for Kate Moss – like Craig, her, alleged, taste for drugs was exposed by the Mirror – then it can work for Craig.

And if he can return to full health with sharper cheekbones, blonder hair and his feet adorned by a pair of killer heels, so much the better for his future earnings…

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