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Nancy’s Boy

by | 22nd, June 2006

DO you remember when Vic Reeves was what TV types call “edgy”?

Looking at the shots of the comedian posing on the cover of Hello! with his newborn twin daughters it’s hard to believe he was once considered an original act.

Back then of course Vic’s partner was one Bob Mortimer, a squat northerner.

Now it’s blonde Nancy, woman whose accomplishments to date include an appearance in the Sun’s Dear Deidre photo casebook (a section in which actors in bras and knickers re-enact some of agony aunt Deirdre Sanders’s raunchier issues), working at Peter Stringfellow’s Cabaret of Angels girlie bar and being the “face” of the Anne Summers whips and tits lingerie chain. And marrying Vic.

While you decide if marrying Nancy has in any way changed the once funny Vic, we read more about the couple and their “MIRACLE TWINS”.

And part of the miracle seems to be deciding which twin is which. “Guess who this is?” asks Nancy feeding one of the little pink-clad critters. “Nell!” says Vic, with an alacrity was once saved for his wit. “It has to be.”

Whether or not he is right, we cannot say, but very soon Nell and her sister Elizabeth are showing their best sides to the cameras while mum and dad tell us all about them.

Jim is writing a journal about every moment of the children’s lives. He picks it up and reads the section leading up to the birth: “We went in at 7:30am, they put the gel on at 8am. 9:30am found a cardboard sick bowl that looked liked a trilby, and pair of what I assumed to be spalshback specs.”

Vic seems to be trying to be funny. But he need not bother. This is just another celebrity couple telling us about their wonderful, amazing children and humour will always out.

Take Nancy. “When you have the epidural,” says she, “they ask you all these questions: ‘Hello, Nancy, what do you do for a living?’”

D’uh! What are these nurses and midwives on? Something stronger than gas and air, we’d wager. “What?” asks Nancy in disbelief. “Cut the conversation, just put it in,” she commands.

And once more we are back in the pages of Dear Deirdre…

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