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Taking The Mikey

by | 23rd, June 2006

Let’s talk about Mikey. And let us do it in a way that Mikey will understand: “Mmph rugs hugerl philo like huirrtol etogguy like, isn’t eart? Like.”

And while we are talking about the man, let us find out how he became one. Step forward, cram your substantial frame into a tight, cheap satin bodice, Michelle Harrison.

Michelle wants the world to know that it was she who was Mikey’s first sexual conquest.

“We went on a double date to see The Exorcist,” says Michelle in the Mirror. “Mikey was a great kisser and we started seeing each other. Later he called and said, “My parents are out. Can you come over?”

“and trained him to be the perfect boyfriend and lover.”

And for those girls who want to woo Mickey, and who overly aren’t bothered about pillow talk (Mikey sounds as if he is being suffocated by one), Michelle says he likes “tall, confident, drop-dead gorgeous girl”.

And, no, since you asked, she hasn’t seen Mikey in ages…

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