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by | 23rd, June 2006

“SHE softly snaps her fingers, and it seems as if each carp, as it swims around, understands exactly who she is. ‘No more, she gently chides the exotic fish…’”

Who says fish don’t know their place? Pah! Not Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol of Thailand. If fish show respect to anyone it is she, the woman who stands at thee edge of their picturesque pool and (dressed in “a black blouse with a prominent gold horse embroidered on it”) spoons food into the waters.

“You are getting fat and out of shape…See?” says the Princess. And, of course, the fish do see. A moment of blinding self-realisation is theirs and they swim off, burning calories as they go.

Now the Princess steps back into n the Chakri Bongkoj Palace she calls home. The sun is getting bright, and she must take care.

Indeed, this careful regime seems to be paying off. The Princess looks far younger than her 48 years. Can it really be that she has two grown up daughters, 24-year-old Princess Siribhachudabhorn and 22-year-old Princess Aditayadornkitikhun (insert more letters randomly at will here)?

Indeed it so. And anyone wishing to be like the Princess may care to note that when she does venture out she is followed closely by a man holding an umbrella high over her head.

Like her carp, he knows his place…

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