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This Year’s Orange (Peel)

by | 23rd, June 2006

HAVING exposed Michael Douglas’s haggard neck and Julia Roberts’s chinchilla armpits, the Mail now gawps at Kate Moss’s legs.

“How Kate legged it,” says the Mail’s headline above a shot of the model walking down some steps at a music festival in London.

Wearing what the paper terms a pair of “merciless hotpants”, the Mail shows equally little mercy as it zooms in on Kate’s thighs.

At the end of a red arrow pointing to the inner thigh of Kate’s right leg, the Mail spots the “dreaded dimples”. “Kate reveals more than a hint of cellulite,” it says. Yes, cellulite, the “dreaded dimpled skin that drives women to distraction”.

But, in fairness to Kate, it needs to be said that such is the closeness of the shot that you can almost see the pores in her skin.

If this is normal cellulite, and Kate is just like you and me, it is only visible to her most intimate chums and snappers with zoom lenses.

And, in any case, what with this being Kate, chances are that cellulite will become the next big thing. As the Mail thundered at the time of her exposure as an, alleged, taker of cocaine, once Kate has it, we all want it.

So look out for women displaying their cellulite with pride and teenage girls sticking orange peel to their legs in a desperate attempt to look fashionable…

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