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Mikey Is Sahin

by | 25th, June 2006

At last the truth is ours. And we owe Mikey an apology.

The front page of today’s Star newspaper reveals that Mikey is impossible to understand because he is speaking Farsi.

“He’s Iranian not Scouse,” says the headline. “His real name is Sahin.” And, in case you were in any doubt, “he’s never been a model”.

Mikey Dalton’s given name is Sahin Hamadani. The Star tells its readers that this name means Falcon in Farsi.

The paper also says that Mikey’s mum is English and called Jean. His dad is called Mostafa. He changed his name – using his mum’s maiden name – to avoid being picked on at school.

It was a cunning plan. And it might have worked had Mikey remembered to speak English in the house. But he did not.

But needs must and now armed with an English-Farsi dictionary (Liverpool edition) we set about translating Mikey’s output thus far.

But the lexicon is not up to date and if anyone out these can translate “ÑæäÇáÏæ ãåÇÌã like ˜åäå ˜ÇÑ er ÈÑÒíá reat ÈÇáÇÎÑå ÏÑ like ÈÇÒی ÈÇ yooonowŽÇä ÏÑÎÔíÏ like æ Ïæ á Èå ËãÑ” into English then please get in touch.

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