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The Gloves Are Off

by | 26th, June 2006

MORE from the Mail’s “They’re Just Like You And Me” campaign.

Having made us baulk at Michael Douglas’s turkey neck, belch at Julia Roberts’ underarm hair and gag at Kate Moss’s thighs, the paper shines a bright light on Madonna’s hands.

“Even with muscles like these, Madonna can’t beat the hands of time,” says the headline. There then follows a picture of Madge holding a bottle of water, her bony hand resembles a vulture’s gripping foot tearing into a decaying zebra.

“Close inspection of her hands feature a virtual roadmap of veins,” says the paper. “This is something even the “toughest exercise regime just can’t solve”.

Indeed. Although when the hand is curled into a “fist” and planted in the “face” of a Mail photographer and/or hack, the hand’s owner may well have cause to be thankful for all those hours spent in the gym…

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