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by | 26th, June 2006

“AND what do you do,” asks the Queen. “I’m a Postman, ma’am,” comes the reply.

And we can vouch for his honesty. The man standing on the lawns at Buckingham Palace is Postman Pat, and that furry animal on his arm is called Jess. A cat.

Others at the “fairytale day out”  include a Womble, Mr Toad, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Bob The Builder, Wallace & Grommit and Dennis the Menace.

No, they are not nicknames for members of the Royal Family. Granted Prince Charles would make a pretty decent Womble, and Mr Toad seems to fit Prince Andrew. Indeed, it’s easy to imagine Liz and Phil responding to the names Wallace and Grommit with something approaching enthusiasm.

But the truth is that these are the actual names of some of the Queen’s guests. This is the Her Majesty’s 80th birthday party, the bit given over to childish things.

The Queen invited 2,000 youngsters to her London palace for some fun. And they seem to have had a great time.

For sure. And we do not doubt that Prince Edward would have loved it, too…

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