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Goer Cart

by | 26th, June 2006

CAN you hear that? That’s the buzz Paris Hilton has been creating ever since she set foot in Blighty.

As the Sun reports, Paris touched down on our gilded land last Friday and has been partying hard ever since.

The paper looks on as Paris gets ready for a night out at the 02 Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park.

For this outing, Paris is wearing a white dress and a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. It’s hot outside. And the stage is a full half-mile from her wardrobe.

Paris needs a car. So she summons one. She waits. And then hears the Noddy-type “toot-toot” as a golf cart pulls up.

The cart only travels at 10mph, not fast enough for Paris, who, as a source says, offers the driver cash if he can make the thing go quicker. James Blunt is due on stage and she doesn’t want to miss the start of his dirge.

You see, Paris has plans to be a singer and wants to pick up tips on how James does it. If he can make it big, surely anyone can – and he isn’t even wearing killer heels and showing everyone his knickers. Just imagine what Paris can achieve.

Thankfully, Paris makes it to the stage in time – 10mph is over double the average speed for traffic in London. And having seen what she wanted Paris goes to Jade Jagger’s new Jezebel nightclub in Shepherd’s Bush.

On Saturday, there’s a photoshoot. Then it’s back to the festival, and the chance to snare Blunt and take him dancing at Boujis nightclub.

Where he can teach her how to sing and she can teach him how to show everyone your knickers…

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