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by | 26th, June 2006

It’s just no good. No amount of careful editing can make this bunch appealing. Take Pete out of the house and you have the dullest bunch of wannabes since Big Brother 4.

Back then, Cameron was the winner. This year, efforts are being made to make Glyn appear interesting.

Indeed, Glyn and Cameron share many common attributes – both come from isolated parts of the country (Glyn from somewhere in darkest Wales; Cameron from a remote part of Scotland); both are sexual innocents; both possess less charisma than canned tuna. Or Bonn-eh.

And when we look we note more similarities between then and now. Remember Scott, the boring Scouser. Now see Mikey.

And there was Tania. She’d slept with a professional footballer. Now we have Imogen, who has, apparently, slept with three of that breed.

And tarty Anouska, who wore hardly any clothes and wanted to have loadsa sex? And Lea, who may well have had more sex than Anouska but craves more.

And Justine, who no-one can remember. And this year’s Dawn, although they say smell is the thing that remains the memory the longest, so we may well be wrong on this point.

And Lisa Jeynes, who may have been a man that dressed like a woman. And Sam, who may have been a man who dressed like a woman.

But things are to change. There are to be five new housemates. They will move in next door to the current bunch in a separate house.

On Monday, two people will be up for eviction. One will leave. And one will go to the new house. There, they will joined by the new housemates.

And so long as the arrivals are not called Scott, Cameron, Tania, Anouska and Lisa, things should go well…

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