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by | 27th, June 2006

YOUR writer is minded of an incident he witnessed at Amsterdam Airport.

A young stoner wandered up to the armed border guard and asked where the coffee shop was. He wanted to buy some cannabis.

The guard resisted any urge to shoot him, preferring instead to laugh.

But Stephen West was not so fortunate. Sure, he was not shot – British police have yet to be routinely armed – but he was arrested. And he was carrying drugs.

Stephen was passing through a court security check in Wigan, Lancashire. He was to appear before the Beak to answer an allegation that he had breached bail conditions.

But on passing though the entry barrier he was struck by a thought. Who would look after his drugs while he was in the dock?

So he removed it from his pocket and handed it to security. They asked him to sign a receipt to say that it was his. Then they got a copper to nick him.

And very soon Stephen was in the dock, answering a charge of possessing the Class C drug.

Which, it is believed, was not returned to him. Which is an outrage. And he may sue…

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