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An Officer & A Gentle Woman

by | 27th, June 2006

“WE started kissing but he was quite a bit shorter than I am so I dragged him over to a beer crate and he popped himself on top.”

Natalie Loddo goes on: “I remember he put a cap on me – it was like a Richard Gere moment.”

Indeed. Only in this version James Blunt is cast in the Debra Winger part and Natalie is Gere.

Natalie is James Blunt’s “Escort girl”, at least that’s what is says on the Sun’s cover. But this is no sleazy tale of how the signer once paid for adult company but the tale of how he got it for free in the backseat of a Ford Escort.

As misleading headlines go, this one is right up there with “Queenie Does Coke” – the story of Queenie the Yorkshire terrier who refuses to drink anything but Panda Cola.

Though not what we expected to read, there is still news to be found within the story.

At the time of this An Office And A Gentleman re-enactment, Natalie, then married, was working as a military clerk. She scooped the young captain of the Household Cavalry into her arms and took him to her car.

Time has moved on since then, but last October the pair met when James was gigging in Natalie’s native Cardiff. “It was a real quickie,” says Natalie, now divorced. “There were people knocking on the [changing room] door because we had to leave the building.”

And she saw James again at a recent music festival in London. But his new girlfriend was there and nothing happened.

But, who knows, they may meet once more and he may get carried away again – on her shoulders…

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