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Mother Me Baby One More Time

by | 28th, June 2006

SHE’S got the money. She’s got the fame. She’s got the looks. Ok, two out of three ain’t bad. And for most of us it would be more than enough to have a great life.

But Britney Spears wants more. She wants to live with her mum.

So, as the Sun reports, the poptart is moving back in with mum Lynne. She is to return to Kentwood, Louisiana. There, she will prepare to give birth to her second child.

Sources say Britney also wants her mother’s help in caring for young Sean Preston, her non-bouncing baby boy who fell from his high chair not too long ago.

Sources say Britney has become “nervous” after almost spilling her drink, and her son, over a New York pavement.

So it is back home to live with mummy. And husband Kevin Federline can come to. But not the troublesome high chair, obviously…

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