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Age Before Beauty

by | 28th, June 2006

KATE Moss has been crying, or “endlessly weeping”, as the Star puts it.

As a pal of the model tells the paper: “She’s out partying and drinking all the time and she thinks everyone’s watching, just waiting for her to mess up.” This source says Kate “hates her life”.

So Kate is going back into rehab. Having kicked the cocaine, she needs rehab to be herself. “She wants to collect her thoughts in rehab away from the public’s scrutiny,” says a source. “What she needs right now is an escape from being Kate Moss.”

But might there be another reason for Kate’s “black days”? Might she be depressed that she can no longer pull?

Having “been linked” with Pete Doherty, Big Brother presenter Russell Brand, model Jamie burke and Dirty Pretty Things Rocker Anthony Rossomando, Kate has been turned down.

Kate is said to have approached Artic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner at a gig and asked for his phone number. And rather than jotting it down and handing it to the supermodel on trembling hands, Alex talked it over with his mum. And she told him to leave well alone.

Might it be that Kate’s allure is on the wane? And, if so, can a spell in rehab restore it? And, remember, this all has nothing to do with that “constant partying and drinking”…

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