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A Thinspiration

by | 28th, June 2006

“SHE is horribly thin – you can see all her ribs – and she is not normal.”

Dr Dee Dawson of London’s Rhodes Farm clinic is right. She is not normal. She is Victoria Beckham and her special talent is to be painfully thin.

But even that is not so out of the ordinary as the Mail says Posh is the “thinspiration” for anorexics.

The paper has looked at what it calls “pro-anorexic” websites and the postings thereon.

“I envy her thin legs and chest. She has beautiful bones sticking out of her chest,” says one fan.

“Posh is major hottie! I love her arms!” enthuses another Posh wannabe. A third fan wonders if there is a “Victoria Beckham ‘diet’ out there”.

We have no knowledge of any Posh eating plan. All we know is that she eats “like a pig”. She told us that herself – although given her rake thin appearance the comment may be based on her eating habits rather than anything else…

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