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A Poker Face

by | 29th, June 2006

“OH Harry, give us a kiss!” The flame-haired Prince pauses.

Natalie Pinkham, 28, a TV presenter, is standing at the top of some steps. She and Harry have been at the Kensington home of Harry’s former “mentor”, ex-Welsh Guards officer Mark Dyer.

It’s 5am and Natalie wants a goodnight kiss. “Not here,” says Harry. So Natalie wanders back down the steps and… We may never know what happened in the magical twenty seconds they shared together. Natalie could well take the details to her grave, or to a tabloid.

Pah! Of course Natalie will not kiss and tell. The presenter known to tens of people as the face of the Poker Channel has, as the Mail reports, dated England cricketer Kevin Pietersen at the apogee of his fame as England won cricket’s Ashes series last year. She also dated England rugby player Matt Dawson in the aftermath of England’s World Cup win. And what did she tell us about her romances with them? Nothing.

But Coralie Eichholtz might tell us more. Pictured in the Star dressed in an airy pink bikini, Caralie is Harry’s babe No.1; Natalie is his No.2.

Like Natalie, Coralie has dated sportsmen, namely Australian star Shane Warne and England footballer Rio Ferdinand. And like Natalie she has dallied with the Prince.

Before retiring to Dyer’s basement flat, Harry danced at London’s Boujis nightclub with the former Page 3 stunner. The Express says that she too left the club to go to Dyer’s flat.

Which is all terribly intriguing and makes us wonder what Harry’s No.3 girl, Chelsy Davy, makes of it all. “This really isn’t a good sign,” a pal of Chelsy’s tells the Sun. Especially since Chelsy has only recently jetted into London from her native South Africa to see her lover.

But Chelsy need not worry. Nothing is going on with Harry and Natalie. And, in any case, like his dad, Harry has more than enough energy to manage more than one woman at a time. Chelsy need not fear of missing out…

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