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A Lucky Zucker

by | 29th, June 2006

WAS it the Mail’s shots of Victoria Beckham’s “bald” patch that caused Her Poshness to fly 550 miles to have her locks seen to?

Whatever the reasons for making the “emergency” trip, the horror is now over.

Although it is hard to spot the difference in the Sun’s “before” and “after” shots.
All we can say for sure is that before making the trip to see hair engineer Angelo Georghiou in London, Posh allowed herself to be photographed from the font.

On her return she gives the Sun’s snapper a good view of the back of her head.

Taking a magnifying glass to the newer picture we can see no trace of exposed scalp. Her stylist has done a good job. Just as with Posh’s good pal Elton John, it is hard to see the join between the old and new hair.

The £1,500 Posh has invested on her new fuller head of hair is money well spent.

But it may not be enough. Sure the new hair looks great, but it can’t stop Posh’s crown from slipping. And there to catch it is Carly Zucker. She’s dating England’s Joe Cole. And she’s the “Wag stunner” the Sun says everyone wants to see.

We are sure Carly’s hair is nowhere near as lovely and new as Posh’s. And as soon as the Star allows us to examine it, we will give our official verdict.

But until then, we are forced to make do with shots of Carly’s flat torso and curved backside.

Carly is out jogging in Germany and the Star’s man with a camera has managed to keep up with the fitness instructor long enough to take some shots. Readers get to see Carly jogging towards the camera, jogging away from the camera and stretching.

The Mirror has similar shots of Carly, and an additional shot of her warming up with a “leg-stretch”.

By now Star readers are just as warmed and ready for action as Carly. And having done the Carly work out, they may like to get the Carly look, which, as the Mirror notes, consists of a white vest, jogging bottoms and trainers.

And maybe some hair…

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