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Party Of Five

by | 30th, June 2006

ANY takers? This is, after all, “a unique opportunity for you and five friends to be Elton’s and David’s guests at their home to watch a movie together and join them for an Indian curry.”

That’s the lot Elton John and David Furnish, for it is they, have put up at their charity auction. Any takers?

Sure, for most of us finding five friends in a lifetime would be a tall order, let alone getting them to table for one meal, but in Elton John and David Furnish’s world, it is no big deal.

The couple have so many close and dear, dear friends that when they all get together they have to hire a big tent and call the meeting the white Tie & Tiara Ball.

And arriving for the party at their Windsor mansion is professional raisin eater Liz Hurley. The Sun says sees Liz appear dressed in a white gown and jewels – a 16-carat white gold necklace worth £2.5million and a tiara.

Liz calls this her “official coming out”. But before Liz goes the gay way, the Mail spots some really little princesses arriving.

It’s Princess Beatrice in an “eye-catching dress” (Mail readers may find their eyes caught in Bea’s exposed cleavage) and her sister Princess Eugenie (more bare flesh).

Neither girls wear a tiara, which is a flagrant breach of the dress code. And while Elton and David’s staff fashion the Windsors little crowns from paper napkins and spittle, more guests arrive.

There’s Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and her nose, and a tiara. And Kate Moss is at large once more. And there’s the pixie-voiced Sharon Osbourne and her vibrating husband Ozzy. And there’s Rod Stewart and his fiancee Penny Lancaster. And there’s Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and James Blunt. And, of course, there’s Lulu, without whom no mention of Elton John is complete.

That’s at least five friends already and the Express has only just spotted the star of the show. Look everyone (but try not to gawp) it’s Kylie Minogue, or “brave Kylie”, as she is now known.

Kylie has spent the better part of the last year recovering from breast cancer and everyone is glad to see her looking well again.

So now all the guests are massed, what are we bid for that curry dinner and a movie? And, yes, Pamela Anderson, that does include a couple of stuffed nan breads…

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