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by | 30th, June 2006

ONE woman missing from Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara ball was the singer’s close pal Victoria Beckham.

Vicky was otherwise engaged, busy walking in a London street. The Mirror says Vicky was also shopping for a present for Geri Halliwell’s new baby Bluebell Madonna. Overlooking a conical baby bra and some red string, Posh settled on a baby Bible.

And that she accomplished this mission while dressed in what the Sun notes to be “a slinky leather skirt and dark blouse left wide open to expose ther bra and cleavage” is testament to her talents.

The Mail has the same shot, only know we get to see Vicky’s shoes, which, like her bag and skirt, are dark and shiny. And just like her hair, too.

Vicky’s hair is looking very lush. The Mail, which first noted Vicky’s “bald” spot earlier in the week, looks afresh at her head. And the verdict is that the hair on it is full and curly.

The paper also catches up with her hairdresser, one Seleny Georghiou. The crimper informs us that her client’s hair extensions were “oily and separated”. Vicky has them changed every three months.

And, what is more, the hair glued to Vicky’s scalp is real. It comes from all over the world, “but mainly Poland, Russia and India”, says Miss Georghiou.

This is Victoria’s World Cup hair. Although someone should tell her that Poland have been knocked out and neither India nor Russian made it to finals.
But full marks for effort…

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