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Water Fronts

by | 30th, June 2006

WHILE Posh was having an Indian woman’s old hair glued to her head, the rest of the Wags were in Germany.

Victoria may well be “TOO POSH TO SPLASH!” as the Star’s headline says, but the rest of the girls know that life is not all shopping and hair. Really, it is not.

So the “WATER WAGS” went to Germany’s Europa themes park, a kind of wet Alton Towers.

In the Mirror, readers see the girls sat on a ride called Atlantica SuperSplash, their hands are raised high in the air as they hurtle down a ramp into the water.

Then it is onto a white-water rafting-style ride called Fjord-Rafting. The girls split into two groups and have a water fight.

And this means they not only got their hair wet but their tops soaking, too. The Mirror has a picture of a wet Coleen McLoughlin peering down her own top, a picture that also arouses the Sun’s attention.

And for the record, the top is a T-shirt…

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