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Erasing Eyebrows

by | 30th, June 2006

Aisleyne has fallen out with her on-screen mum Lea.

“I think she’s evil for crying all the time, making people sorry for her," says Aisleyne.

Bus Aisleyne should not be so hard faced (she’s no Snoozie with those rigid features). Lea might be playing the game, but in crying she has helped clear up something that has been bothering us here at Anorak.

We are now pretty certain that Lea’s eyebrows are drawn on with a kind of indelible ink. We had believed them to be the product of a felt-tip pen, but now think Lea invested in something more technologically advanced.

We also note that Lea’s tan has not run during her teary moments. And that is good. We suspect that Lea has been painted with an orange dye and then varnished.

Though she looks far older than her 35 years (we have seen the birth certificate and she really is as she claims), Lea will not age.

So long as she takes care not to chip her outermost sealant, she should look 49 well into her sixties and seventies.

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