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by | 2nd, July 2006

Quotes Of The Day

“Germany: momentum, support, feel good” – ITV commentator Peter Drury brings his esoteric brand of English to the Germany v Argentina game

“Argentina: poise and pattern and simply, very, very good players” – More Drury-isms

"One of their players attacked me even though I did not do anything. I have three or four red marks on my thigh and then he kicked me again in the groin" – Germany’s Per Mertesacker remembers the end of the Argentina match

“It could not happen to a nicer man” – Referee Jeff Winter watches Graham Poll get sacked

"We are just totally devastated and are incredibly disappointed” – Jamie Carragher speaks for a nation

Puns Of The Day

“Nuts” (Mirror) – Wayne Rooney stamps his mark on Portugal

“Dreams Roo-ined” (Mirror) – Rooney is sent off

“5m for sweet FA” (Mirror) – Goodbye Sven

“Our dream in Rooins” (Mirror) – Why did Wayne’s metatarsal heal?

“Tear we go again” (NOTW) – England out

“Red and buried” (Times) – Rooney is off

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