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Cheerios All Round

by | 2nd, July 2006


James Hunt famously said that the breakfast of champions was sex. Times have changed and now we learn that for breakfast Wayne Rooney eats Frosties, Peter Crouch Weetabix and David Beckham has Cornflakes. Everyone else has Cheerios.

Germany’s Jens Lehman acted brilliantly to save twice in the penalty shoot out against Argentina. But did he act alone? A closer look at the build up to Roberto Ayala’s miss shows World Cup mascot Goleo IV standing behind the goal and doing his utmost to put the defender off.


“Ladies and gentlemen, our team needs our support" So said Berlin’s Olympic Stadium announcer as Germany took on Argentina. Fifa spokesman Markus Siegler said rules dictated that stadium announcers must not show any bias towards teams. Said Siegler: "We have said he must stop this. This is part and parcel of the principle of fairness and this cannot be accepted. The local organising committee has replaced him with immediate effect."

Not all the Beckhams crave the limelight, it would seem. Reports form Baden Baden are that Brooklyn has taken to calling the paparazzi “scumbags”.

Two England fans are in trouble with their bosses. The pair, who work for a company in the Lothians, claimed they were ill to work at just the time England were playing Ecuador. The company hired private detectives who found the poorly lads watching England in a hospital ward that looked remarkably like a pub.

Graham Poll has retired from international football. The referee with the pack of cards has now taken part in three tournaments, leaving his own indelible mark on each.

Should England have made it to the final the FA would have been true to its word and flown all staff from FA headquarters in Soho Square to watch the game in the Germany.


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