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Wayne On Our Parade

by | 3rd, July 2006

Quotes Of The Day

“Is it impossible for one nation to have so much bad luck, so many poor decisions, so many obstacles thrown in their way?” – Sam Allardyce thinks England were unlucky.

“Dutch football has lost its innocence. Even though there were a lot of provocations from the Portuguese side, there’s simply now excuse for what happened. We can all get carried away – it happened occasionally with me – but this was something different” – Dutchman Edgar Davids

“Hooligans with visas” – A German magazine headline’s comment on the Wags

“I’ve lived the dream” – David Beckham steps down as England skipper

“Wayne and I were teasing each other, I told him Portugal were going to win and he said I was crazy because England were going to beat us easily. But it was all good natured and we were having a laugh” – Cristiano Ronaldo says what passed between he and the disgraceful Rooney

“He’s the man who vandalised our team in five awful years” – The Mail’s Paul Hayward assesses the England career of Sven Goran Eriksson

“God is Portuguese” – Portugal’s goalkeeper Ricardo reveals why England really lost

Puns Of The Day

“Roo’ll be all right Wayne” (Star) – Wayne Rooney is back at home

“Chris off!” (Star) – Paper demands Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo is not let back in the country

“Spot the fall-guys” (Mail) – A look at those awful England penalties

“Rood Mist” (Mirror) – Wayne Rooney, England’s saviour, tries to start a fight with the Portuguese

“He done me Ron” (Mirror) – Rooney says it was Ronaldo’s fault he was sent off

“Sven bawls it up again” (Mirror) – Sven burst into tears

“He banked, he bonked & he ballsed it up” – The life and times of Sven

“Stevie: That little winker disgusts me” (Sun) – Steven Gerrard thinks Ronaldo’s wink was so low; and much worse than Rooney stamping on someone

“Goodbye tosser. He tossed away our cash, he tossed away our talent…now he’s tossed away our World Cup dreams” (Sun) – Goodbye Sven

“Bexit” (Sun) – Beckham quits as skipper

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