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Unwanted Baggage

by | 3rd, July 2006

WITH the team defeated, it is only right that the Wags should bid farewell to Germany.

Having painted the town red, and themselves orange, the girls have been sent packing. And there are many bags to pack. The Mirror watches the huge trollies full of to-die-for gear being loaded onto a plane.

It even dishes out “THE WAG AWARD”. Coleen McLoughlin scoops the “Best use of a platinum credit card award” for her shopping. And the keenly contested award for “Orangest tan” goes to Michaela Henderson-Thynne.

But her acceptance speech – “I’d like to thank Robert Kilroy Silk for being an inspiration, my mum and dad for buying me a Satsuma for my sixteenth birthday” etc. – is interrupted.

Several England fans have “surged” towards the Wags. “You’re s*** and you’re going home,” screamed supporter, his face as red as his shirt.

And he is not alone. Even the Wags of Portugal’s players are heard by the Sun jeering Victoria Beckham, Colleen and the rest of the England cheerleaders.

One man tells Elen Rives to *f*** off”, although he may be a German practising the brand of English the delightful Rives said to group of his countrymen.

And here’s Joanne Beckham, David’s sister, waving a one-fingered salute to the fans who had paid a fortune to watch the team.

And with that they were gone. And all that remained was a sprinkling of orange fairy dust and a pair of grinning teeth…

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