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Kingstoon Jafaika

by | 4th, July 2006

“JAFAICAN is wiping out inner-city English accents.” So ran the Mail headline back in April this year.

The news was that in a desperate bid to look exotic and cool, white yoof were loping round the streets of London and conversing in a Cockney patois.

But now the Mail brings us the story of Lynda Walker, a 60-year-old retired administrator from Newcastle.

Lynda had a minor stoke. He voice was affected. And when it started to return, Lynda was surprised at what she heard.

Speech therapist Frauke Buerk, who treated Lynda after her stroke, says his patient is suffering from Foreign Accent Syndrome. Lynda is talking like a Jamaican.

“Everybody asks where I’m from and if I say Newcastle they laugh – they think I am lying,” says Lynda.

But it is not all bad for Lynda. She’s now the envy of many thousands of impressionable teens from Streatham to Staines.

Now if she can just pull her jeans down around her knees…

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