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Sink Or Swim

by | 5th, July 2006

IN walks Jayne ‘With a ‘Why?’. The old house has a new housemate.

Not that the old heads weren’t expecting something. The Big Brother houses have been built to a specification usually reserved for starter homes on the outskirts of provincial towns.

The walls are thin. You can hear through them. If you were to shine a bright light at the dividers, you could probably see through to the other side. They are thin. No, wait, Nikkki is thin – the walls are emaciated. And they have better table manners.

So here comes Jayne ‘With a Why’. And the screaming begins. And the new housemates hear it. And they know that whoever Aisleyne selects for eviction goes into the old house.

What to do? Aisleyne says that whatever she has to do, she can’t do?

Meanwhile Nikkki says that Jayne ‘With a Y’ is “so nice”. She is “so normal”. You suppose that being nice and normal to Nikki are just about the worst things anyone can be, short of being a brunette or not having a fake tan.

Though it is hard to believe JaYne is that nice. “Jayne will probably tell the new housemates when they’re being boring. If they’re around the pool, she will probably push them in, she’s a bit of a daredevil," says her aunt Christine.

“JaYne isn’t a lady, Susie will look down on her. She’s not ladylike, she can be a tomboy."

So JaYne might push Snoozie in. And Snoozie will most likely float and bob about a bit. She’s unsinkable is Snoozie.

Unlike JaYne, who started out by asking the housemates which of them did not like Aisleyne. Only Nikkkki raised her hand.

JaYne then got on Mikey’s shoulders for a fight in the pool. Mickey buckled. JaYne fell in. She waved. When she waves a couple more times, we’ll let you know…

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