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Marie In Haste

by | 5th, July 2006

IS Robbie Williams the new Sven Goran Eriksson?

We ask in light of a comment made by the comedian Frank Skinner – “At half-time, Big Phil would have spotted a weakness in our formation, whereas Sven would have spotted a woman with big tits in row G” – and news in the Sun.

While treating 50,000 fans in Gothenburg, Sweden, to his music, Robbie spots a woman in the crowd. She is wearing a T-shirt with the legend “Snog me, I’m a doctor” writ large across the low-cut front.

Robbie stops singing. He points at the woman, known to be called Marie. He asks: “Are you a doctor?” Robbie then points to his crotch and wonders: “Do you want to examine this?”

He says he’d like to take a proper look at Marie. And serenades the target of his ardour with his hit tune Feel.

And – of course – his routine works. Like the Sun we have no firm evidence that Robbie and Marie spent the night together, but Marie was later sighted heading for Robbie’s hotel room. And seen again in the lobby the following morning.

What happened in the intervening hours is not yet revealed. And what with Marie being a doctor and all, we may never know…

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