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by | 5th, July 2006

“NUDE balls please!” It’s Wimbledon, and a streaker has just bounced on to Centre Court.

Other than Cliff Richard singing in the rain and the HRT-raddled Henmanics chanting “Timmy” in something approaching unison, a streaker is the most exciting thing that can happen in British tennis.

But who is the man who rudely interrupted “sexy” Maria Sharapova’s match against some other girl with shorter legs and darker hair?

The Mail, which produces four shots of the incident – readers see the miscreant execute a wobbly cartwheel and then wave to the crowd in triumph – says he is a Dutchman called Sander Lantinga.

Having enjoyed the moment, and been arrested for indecent exposure, Lantinga, who presents a show on Dutch TV, says, “I know it was stupid, but it is something I always wanted to do.”

Indeed. But was it really him? The naked flesh, the exhibitionism and the curly hair all remind us of someone. And over in the Sun we read that David Hasselhoff has been at Wimbledon.

In “HOFF HIS FACE”, the paper says that the “beer-swilling” Baywatch actor has been kicked out of Wimbledon on account of his being “steaming drunk”.

The paper looks on as the actor argues with security guards at Centre Court. He has no ticket and they will not let him pass. He then tries to get another drink but is banned from doing so.

“You should let me in,” he says. “Do you know who I am? I am the Hoff.”

Which leads us to wonder what happened next? The Sun says Hasselhoff’s pal Michael Brandon, star of 1980s show Dempsey and Makepeace, bought him a Centre Court ticket.

And then… Let’s just look at that shot of the streaker a little more closely. Could it be..?

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