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Court Out

by | 6th, July 2006

LOOK out! Cliff!

Or is it. To date, the Fathers 4 Justice campaign has seen its members dress up as Batman, Spiderman and all manner of fantasy figures.

But now, has one of the campaigners achieved something more? Has one disgruntled dad dressed up as Cliff Richard? And has he done so at Wimbledon?

We ask this in light of the Sun’s news that two protesting fathers managed to get onto Centre Court and play a knockabout in front of Roger Federer.

That both campaigners, Simon Wright and Alan Jamieson, are British should not be overlooked – the Swiss “ace” was appearing in the quarter-finals and any domestic involvement at so late a stage in the tournament is appreciated.

But while police haul them off, the Mail spots this Cliff. Seated in the Members’ Area, Cliff is seen wearing a black tie and a white floral patterned shirt.

And over that he wears what the Mail says is a “lilac” jacket. But could it be purple, the colour of Fathers 4 Justice, the colour of that flour bomb members of the group once chucked at Tony Blair?

We cannot be certain. But if so, it is nothing less than a sensation – either it’s not the real Cliff, or the Peter Pan of Pop could be feeling paternal…

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