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Whispering Grass

by | 6th, July 2006

WE have now watched Imogen for seven weeks. And we have kept a tally of her contributions to date.

We cannot be precise, but the following figures are based on some solid guess word and some other things less certain.

Over the better part of two months, we have seen Imogen kiss (three times), fondle (twice), smile inanely in a broad and obvious way (thirty five times) and speak (forty two times).

Over the same period to time we have been observing the movements and behavioural patterns of a patch of grass on the inner quadrant at Towers.

And to compare, the grass has been: trodden on (seven times), rained on (twenty times) and frotted by a passing cat (once). It has also grown (constantly).

In the interests of better science, we have painted a corner of Old Mr Anorak’s ‘Wednesday’ office and are studying how the paint dries. Results of this experiment will follow.

And then Imogen spoke.

There now follows Imogen’s words in context.

Lea, speaking of JaYne: "She knows who has nominated. She knows everything about us. And she says it should be all fun, fun, fun. It can’t be! We’ve been here for seven weeks!”

Lea is right. If there is one undeniable truth it is that this Big Brother has not been about fun all the time – or any of the time.

Lea: "I know she’s only just got here, but we can’t be 24-hour partying. Some days we want to chill. Yesterday she said she wanted to get eggs and splat them on people’s heads to see what would happen."

And then Imogen spoke.

Imogen: "No f****** way. Eggs are a luxury!"

Big points to Imogen. As yet, we have not heard the grass say that. Nor the paint…

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