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Good Luck-Luck

by | 6th, July 2006

CROYDON has its trams. Soho has its rickshaws. And Hull has its Jaguars. And now making its mark on the world of transport is Brighton.

As the Times reports, South London-on-sea has taken delivery of a fleet of 12 tuk-tuks.

Would-be entrepreneur Dominic Ponniah has imported a dozen of the vehicles and thinks they could be a solution to the city’s transport problems, if not the country’s.

“After converting the people Brighton to the delights of getting about town in a milk float-sardine can hybrid, Ponniah will introduce tuk-tuks to London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

But there may be a few problems, like dying and getting run over.

Bill Oddy, of the Licensed Cab Drivers’ Association, looks back over his shoulder, fixes the Times’s reporter with his careworn eyes and says that tuk-tuks are a hazard. “They can tip over and people can get thrown out,” says he. “They should not be allowed to mix with other traffic.” And certainly not decent traffic, like a cab.

Even Steve Webb, who runs a shop selling tuk-tuks in Southampton advises caution. “You wouldn’t want to be in a collision with a Range Rover,” says he, “but feeling a bit unprotected adds to the thrill.”

We take his point, although we wonder when you would want to be in a collision with a Range Rover, perhaps when you are in a real Army tank.

And then there is the cheap “thrill” – £2.50 for adults and £1.20. “Riding in a tuk-tuk always puts a smile on people’s faces,” Mr Webb continues, “it reminds them of an Asian holiday.”

So too does dysentery, but only the keenest travellers would want to relive such excitement once back home.

But we are not here to pooh-pooh the tuk-tuk, and wish Mr Ponniah well in his venture. Just as we once wished Sir Clive Sinclair the best of British with his…

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