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Hooking The Part

by | 7th, July 2006

WHEN Abu Hamza was found guilty of incitement to murder and locked up for seven years, we groaned.

Who now would be the tabloid’s favourite mad mullah? Who would raise his hooks in the air and be the face and wiry beard of fanatical Islam?

The search was not exactly aided by the flight of Omar Bakri. The so-called Tottenham Taliban removed himself to Beirut, leaving behind his green Ford Galaxy and a legion of admirers from Wapping to Fleet Street.

The search for Public Enemy No.1 went on. The papers even flirted with the idea of using Heather Mills McCartney, seeing her missing limb as a sign of latent evil.

So the papers have little option than to return to old foe. Yes, folks, Abu Hamza is back.

And the Sun’s news is that Hamza is to undergo surgery on his stumps. The NHS treatment will cost £10,000. And the paper hears an insider at Belmarsh jail, where Hamza is in residence, say that the patient has jumped the queue.

The paper is outraged.

But things may yet turn out fine. If Hamza can just get his old hooks to the outside world, some nutcase may well take them up and accept the tabloid challenge to say exactly the wrong thing at the right time.

Fingers – and hooks – crossed…

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