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Me & My Footballer

by | 7th, July 2006

“YOU see girls in clubs making a beeline for footballers and it makes me sick,” says Cheryl Tweedy, who is to be married to Ashley Cole, the footballer, in a fairytale wedding that promises to rival even Jordan’s”.

Cheryl has just got back from working hard supporting her footballer at the World Cup.

“It’s like a comedy,” she says. “Everyone’s so flash. It’s like who’s got the best watch on, who’s got the best bag, which wife is dressed the best, which wife’s go the best hair.”

Cheryl, pictured resting her modest £50,000 diamond ring on her footballer’s face-sized diamond watch, says she is just so not into all that stuff.

That’s why she bonded with Victoria Beckham. “I love Victoria,” says Cheryl. “She’s just so witty and down to earth. She’s from a girl band and she’s not a typical footballer’s wife.”

And Victoria has had a positive affect on Cheryl. The future Mrs Cole recalls the first time she went to watch her footballer play. “All the other girls were really glammed up, then I walked in with chipped nail polish and wearing a jumper.”

Cheryl was no typical footballer’s wife then and she hasn’t changed a bit – even if her nails are now immaculate and her jumper has given way to a bejeweled dress with diamond accessories.

And Ashley’s not like a typical footballer, says Cheryl. Sure, he kicks ball a lot of the time and wears shorts, but he’s “gorgeous” and on Valentine’s Day he ran her a bath with lots of bubbles. And no, he didn’t then pile in it with ten other lads and sing songs about girls from Bridlington. He’s just not like that.

So their wedding will be nothing like you’d expect from a typical footballer’s wife and her footballer.

It will be in a castle. The bride and groom will say specially written wedding vows. The day will have a fairytale theme. OK! might just cover the whole event in a 15-page photoshoot. Victoria Beckham will probably there. So too Day-vid.

And it will be not be in the least bit like a wedding between a woman and her footballer…

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