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All The Number Twos

by | 8th, July 2006

A confession. I have now referred to the official Big Brother website and various other sources seven times to find out the names of the new housemates.

Admittedly, it should not be too taxing to recall four names. They are all ordinary English names. But there you have it.

I can tell you that Horacio Elizondo was the referee who sent Wayne Rooney off for warming his metatarsal in the crotch of Alberto Ricardo Carvalho.

That South Korea’s Park Ji-sung scored a goal that cancelled out an earlier strike by France’s Thierry Henry. And that Togo’s coach Otto Pfister had the impossible job.

But other than JaYne ‘with a Why’, I am having trouble. Is it because there are so many housemates? To date there have been 22 housemates.

Can you name them all?

Remember Dawn? She went on hunger strike. Is she still on hunger strike? Has anyone noticed?

And Shahbaz? What of the mincing loon? And George? And Sam? And Imogen? Is Imogen still in the house? What about all those KitKats and Snoozie? And Bonn-eh?

Do you remember Bonn-eh? Does Bonn-eh remember being in the house? Could I have made Bonn-eh up? And, if so, why did I bother?

But research has been done. And the new housemates are: JaYne, Pile, Pennie and… and…

Ahh! At least Pete’s still there…

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