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Et Voila!

by | 9th, July 2006

NIKKI’S personal hygiene is causing no little concern. Last night we looked on as she sobbed in the Diary Room.

Producing two white tissues, Nikkkki rubbed them on her eyes. Correction: she rubbed one tissue on one eye and one tissue on the other eye. This was synchronised eye rubbing.

Impressed. We defy you not to be. And how did Nikki top this? By removing the tissues from her eyes and shoving one up either nostril.

Ever the showman, Nikki paused. Would she be unable to pull out the tissues, having somehow knotted them together in the upper reaches of her nose?

No. Both tissues re-emerged. But – and here’s the clever bit – Nikki had sacrificed the easy knotted tissue trick for something better.

The sucker effect was complete when Nikki returned the tissues to her eyes. And wiped them.

Et voila! We were aghast, revolted and astounded all in one twist of her dextrous – and snotty – fingers.

Look out for Nikki‘s next stupendous move – when the tissues end up in the toilet. Now you see them – now you don’t want to…

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