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Irates of the Crazy BB7

by | 10th, July 2006

“Naughty Nikki gave her lover a real electric shock when she dragged him into a meter cupboard and flicked all his switches.”

You want more? You sure you can handle more? OK. OK already. “Sparks flew as the turned-on BB babe ripped off her ballgown and made Gavin Mumby an offer he couldn’t re-fuse in a hotel’s power centre.”

Gavin was, naturally, in his “element”. And so it goes on. There was much bonding and the pair with energy to burn did watt-not with the lights out.

But before we get too carried away, and get to the depth of discharge, we must learn the facts. Gavin is in the News of the World telling the world about his night of passion with Nikki.

“She was fantastic, a real handful.” says Gavin, who wears a dark suit over a white shirt which for reasons as yet unspecified remains unbuttoned. “She was like a girl possessed.”

Too true. Who has not looked at Nikkkkkki in her Diary Room breakdowns and not seen her inner Linda Blair? Possessed is an apt word for Nikkki. But a handful? How big are Gavin’s hands? Very small, we’d wager.

But back to the night of magic. It was the Harrods Christmas do at the Grosvenor House hotel – both “live wire” Nikki and Gavin worked at the London store.

Gavin is keen to point out that Nikki’s not a slapper or anything”, and that she flirted a lot and was “hanging out of her dress”.

Then they made it to the meter cupboard. She stripped down to her heels and knickers, and helped Gavin out of his suit (that’s cleaned up the suit issue).

And then there was so much flowing current and electricity. Resistance was futile. It was the power of love. Nikki did a volt face and…


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