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Kate’s New Mate

by | 10th, July 2006

SACK the hack. Reading the Star’s “Lin’s In Love”, the story of how Lindsay Lohan has found romance in Blighty, we learn of Kate Moss’s involvement in the matter but find no mention of cocaine or Pete Doherty.

Thankfully not all of us are as ignorant of the rules of modern journalism as the Star’s “the goss” girls evidently are, and we take up a large marker pen and add “cocaine” before each mention of Kate’s name and “Pete” just beneath.

With things thus returned to normal, we learn that it was “cocaine” Kate who introduced Lindsay to her new lover, London-based 37-year-old Rhys Ifans.

Naturally enough, what with him being an actor, even a stingy unkempt one, ‘the goss’ girls remember their jobs and call him a “hunk”.

And they tell us that Lindsay plans to see a lot more of Rhys. But with the commute to London from Los Angeles being so very long, Lindsay has decided to buy a flat in Camden Town.

“Falling for Rhys was really the icing on the cake for Lindsay, say an insider.

And Pete Doherty is just delighted…

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