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Take It Away…Peter Andre

by | 11th, July 2006

Remember when Lea observed: "He’s really expressionate when he’s talking to her”? No?

Ok, let’s do this in little steps. Do you remember Lea? Do you remember that walking mountain range? You do. Well, it was called Lea, and one day, in between sobs, Lea used the word “expressionate”.

We like it when reality TV stars make up words. Better still if they do as Peter Andre did and turn them into a pop song (“Ageing will reverse Cloning will diverse).

Andre’s Insania, as history shows, proved to be a monster hit, spawning a made-for-TV movie, plastic action figures and a fairytale wedding in which a pumpkins-shaped bride married a man with a church mouse stuffed down his trousers. Or we could be mistaken.

Nonetheless, we know for sure that expressionate is set for the big time. Just get a load of Nikkkki, a woman who not so much talks as throws words up. Listen in as she says: “I didn’t mean to make a face… I’m very expressional. You didn’t give me any reason… I don’t have any amniosity feelings towards you."

Yes, not only did Nikkki deliver a working example of the word “expressionate” but threw in (and up) her own neologism, the fragrant “amniosity”.

And now we urge Nikkki to turn this word into song. And this being Nikkki, the tune should be a mournful yet screechy dirge, a kind of Gregorian chanter meets Violet Elizabeth Bott. Think Cliff Richard on PCP.

An we know just the man to produce it. Take it away Peter Andre… “Where are we going (does anyone care)? I can see amninosity in my underwear…”

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