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by | 12th, July 2006

ZINEDINE Zidane should not have down what he did.

Having butted Italian footballer Marco Materazzi in the chest, the Frenchman should not have just walked past the World Cup trophy but picked it up and taken it with him, or headbutted it.

We all have our ideas of what Zidane should have done in the World Cup final, including his mum Malika. “ZZ CHOP,” says the Mirror’s front-page headline. Malika says her boy should have produced a knife from his sock and chopped Materazzi’s balls off.

This would have been a sensation, especially on a football pitch. And though not in the least bit pleasant it would have made a point, and memorable telly.

Having heard the suggestion that Materazzi called her a “terrorist whore”, Algerian Malika tells the paper: “No one should be subjected to such foul insults. I’m disgusted.

She goes on: “I have nothing but contempt for Materazzi and, if what he said is true, then I want his balls on a platter.”

Malika may well get her wish when Italy play France in September – unless the game is called off on account of the two counties being at war with one another.

As the Star reports, right-wing Italian Senator, one Roberto Calderoli, says Italy’s win was a “political victory”. He has branded the France team a group of “blacks, Muslims and Communists”.

France’s ambassador to Italy says such comments are “unacceptable and despicable”.

And so it goes. And we sit in the pub and wonder what Zidane should have done. Taken the trophy with him? Tipped the trophy over? Castrated Materazzi? Declared war on Italy?

The debate goes on.

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