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Get Rich Quickie

by | 12th, July 2006


That’s the headline on the front page of the Sun. It’s a “cameraman’s sick boast”.

Indeed it is. Diana – our Diana – shuffled off to the fabled sixth floor of Harvey Nichols in 1997. Sick is the word we too are forced to use. Is there any other?

But things are not as awful as they seem. This cameraman claims to have had sex with Diana back in 1986, when she was alive and still married to Charles.

The Express is less than pleased. What are these “sickening boasts”? They are “bound to upset Princes William and Harry and millions of her supporters”.

Wise is the Express reader that refuses to read on, preferring to simply linger on the paper’s front-page picture of Diana, forever smiling, blonde and dressed in a sparkling cornflower blue gown.

That’s how we should remember Diana, elegant and regal – not having a 2 1/2-minute quickie with one Sebastian Rich, a cameraman employed to work with Diana on the TV documentary In Public, In Private.

Rich has written a book called Through The Looking Glass. He hopes to secure a £1million book deal. But surely the man the Sun labels a “cad” has no chance of doing so.

Who could be interested in the story of the man who spent 12 months by Diana’s side? Who had a two-month fling with an unnamed courtier during the making of the show – an affair that, as he claims, caused Diana to grow jealous and fling herself at him? Who while attending an inspection ceremony at Sandhurst with Diana saw the princess mouth “I love you” in his direction?

We would be no more interested in hearing such tawdry gossip than we would in discovering the colour of Diana’s underwear at the time of this alleged quickie.

A friend of Rich tells the Sun that he is “not planning to say where or when it happened or reveal details like the colour of her underwear.”

Quite right too. But if he does, we’ll tell you what page the sickening revelation is in so you can avoid it…

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