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Mummy Knows Best

by | 12th, July 2006

“MUM, I’m not going to have babies til I’m old. Like 23 or something.”

How Allison Pearson must have laughed. Indeed, she and her friend Nicky both laughed.

And we too are free to laugh along with Allison and Nicky because this delightful quote from her daughter (name unforgivably not supplied; aged 10) appears in Allison’s column in the Mail.

Allison says that having heard her little love say such a funny thing, she realised the time was ripe to deliver “the speech”- “the one about how important it is that a girl has a good education, then gets a job that will fulfil her potential and give her finical independence”.

Allison has lived by this “creed” all her life.

But something has changed. Allison, and Nicky, whose daughter is also aged 10, “did something I doubt either of us thought we’d do”. It was something “shocking” and “a little bit shaming”.

Both told their children to eat whatever they liked, grow fat and happy. No. That would be madness, utter madness. No, they told their daughters that it was okay to start having a family young, so long as it felt right.

“God, what have we come to?” groaned Allison.
“Our senses,” said Nicky.

Family: Daughter
Friends: Nicky and daughter
Story: I want to be a grandma

Allison has heard the news that men are becoming redundant – not just in coalmining areas but in real life. Now that you can make sperm in a test tube, who needs men?

Allison’s friend Emma, that’s who.

What are men good for, Emma? “Bins and wine,” says Emma. And, as Allison says: “Sitting on the suitcase to get the lid closed.”

Men eh? Tsk!

Family: Allison’s man
Friends: Emma, Emma’s man
Story: Useless men

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