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by | 13th, July 2006

“DIANA, the cameraman and another squalid kiss and tell.”

That’s what the Mail says about the matter of Sebastian Rich’s “lurid, money-making revelation” that he had sex with Princess Diana, our Princess Diana.

The Mail is right to be appalled – over two pages of tight text, featuring a picture of Diana standing alongside Sebastian and anther shot of the cad in pair of shorts.

The Mail can barely control its anger as it tells its readers how Rich and others like him are just muckrakers and lowlifes.

The paper remembers Lady Colin Campbell. She said Diana had an abortion. Therapist Simone Simmons claimed Diana tried cocaine. Her former police bodyguard Inspector Ken Wharfe wrote that Diana told him Oliver Hoare was the “first person who had aroused her physically”.

How truly good it is of the Mail to tell its readers about these scandalous books, thus saving them the trouble of buying the tome and enriching the rapscallions who wrote them.

And you really can’t believe a word of it. Over in the Sun, a former lover of Rich’s says that she’s amazed at the story of how the cameraman shared 12½ minutes of lust with Diana.

Says Angie Forder: “He was never that good with me. We had a brief on/off fling and he was absolutely hopeless in the sack. Two and a half minutes? He was lucky if he could go for a minute.”

Sure, Diana could arouse strange passion in a man, exciting them to heights of ardour never before thought possible.

But we have just heard testimony that Rich may be stretching the truth. And we should all spend even less time listening to him than he, allegedly, did with Diana.

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