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More Questions In The House

by | 13th, July 2006

“I want programme makers Endemol to explain themselves.”

So says Tony Cunningham MP. As Tony’s website says: “MPs don’t come any more local than Tony Cunningham."

But that is not to say he cannot wrestle with the bigger issues, and if that means asking questions about Big Brother, then so be it. He will not flinch in his duty to be local.

“There is a genuine and realistic case here of the general public being duped,” says the MP for the Workington constituency. “The way in which Jonathan was evicted was very stange.”

Jonathan is one of Tony’s constituents, a voter even. And Tony is fighting for the right for the nightclub bouncer – who once danced with Five Star! – to become one of Workington’s top half dozen celebrities.

Jonathan, who is now back working as a doorman in Newcastle, smells a rat. “I could swear on a stack of Bibles that everyone behind the scnes knew I was on my way out, yet there was all this mock hysteria when it happened.”

He goes on: “Before I went on the show I belived it was an honest, random programme which was controlled largley by the public vote. I now know from first hand experience it is completely stage managed.”

Not that Jonathan is bitter about being the first Big Brother contestant to leave the house and be confronted only by the night sky, a few crew members and the defending sound of silence.

But, looking at the positives, at least he wasn’t booed and was spared that cringworthy audience with Davina, who greets everyone like she’s their care worker.

And he may yet be famous. Well, it could be he who indirectly brings about the end of the show…

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