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Sleeping Beauty

by | 14th, July 2006

THE sixth law of tabloid journalism states that any article that does not say Princess Diana was an angel made of flesh and silk is a “devastating blow” to Princes William and Harry.

And having assured us cameraman Sebastian Rich’s recent claim that he had sex with the princess was a “devastating blow” to the princes, the boys get another, er, “devastating blow”.

“OUTRAGE OF PICTURE OF DIANA DYING IN MAGAZINE,” says the front page of the Express.

“DYING DIANA PHOTO FURY,” echoes the Mirror on its cover. “SHAME ON YOU,” says the Sun on its front page.

And the news is a little grim. The Sun says that “worldwide fury” has erupted over the decision by an Italian magazine and newspaper to publish photographs of Diana after the Paris car crash.

These photos do not show Diana hailing a taxi, as conspiracy theorists suggest, but lying prone and broken. Another picture shows “harrowing autopsy drawings detailing her wounds”.

The Sun reproduces the offending page from Chi magazine but blocks out the “sickening” picture of Diana.

No paper chooses to reproduce the picture, but they have all seen it. And they want to tell us what they have seen.

The Mirror notices the shot of Diana slumped in her mangled car as a medic puts an oxygen mask over her face. The paper shows its readers a picture of the wrecked car.

The Star also has a big picture of the car. It speaks of the “gruesome” image of Diana. It hears from a source who says, “It’s morbid, sick and a massive insult to Di’s family.”

And the Star has seen those autopsy drawings. It says they indicate “serious impact to her head and chest”.

And we learn that the magazine has printed a list of what Diana had in her possession at the time. The Star dutifully tells us that Diana had a Jaeger watch, a pearl bracelet, black Versace shoes, a mobile phone and an earring.

How sick it is of the Italian magazine to dwell on such macabre detail. For shame!

But they want to explain. And we hear from the editor of Chi, Umberto Brindani. He says he published the pictures because they had never been seen before. “I found it rather tender and touching,” says he. “She is not dead in the picture but looks as if she is sleeping.”

Sleeping? Why what’s wrong with that. Perhaps we should see this picture? Just as we should see the Mail’s picture – published today – of one Petar Sutovic dying in mysterious circumstances in Belgrade.

Is he sleeping?

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